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Title: Understanding X as a Code

Description: Requirement As Code
Pipline As Code
Infra As Code
Servers As Code
Config As Code
Database As Code
Compliance As Code

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Title: Agile/DevOps coaching opportunities

Description: There is a steep rise in the need for “Full stack Coaches” i.e. enterprise coaches having both Agile and DevOps expertise. The demand for such “Full stack” coaches is expected to increase replacing the traditional vanila DevOps/Agile coach.

Date of Publishing: 1st July 2020


Title: DevOps job market trends

There are around 1 Lakh open demands where DevOps is listed as a primary skill
Out of which 10 persentage of jobs are listed in India
There is a steep increase in DevOps demand in Mid- Senior level primarily attributed to the need for more DevOps Coaches or Consultants
There is a huge demand for skilled engineers in Docker
Demand for Kubernetes is expected to rise where as demands for Vagrant is slowly declining .
In the IaC pack Ansible and Chef leads the pack along with Puppet and Terraform

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Title: Top technology skills based on job demands

Description: When we look at specialized technologies in the IT industry most of the jobs are in the space of Data science followed by DevOps and Full-stack. There is a lot of buzz on IoT and Blockchain, but we are not seeing the buzz converting to job opportunities.

Date of Publishing: 1st July 2020


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