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24 hours of the instructor-led, live , workshop


Key Features

24 hours of learning

In-depth coverage of DevOps concepts with real life usecases.

Learn practical DevOps

The program includes 24 hrs of comprehensive learning and a case study to ensure learning becomes more practical over just being theoretical. This task-based learning enables the candidate to be productive immediately after the training.

1 Certification

Participants who successfully complete the workshop would be awarded a verifiable digital certificate hosted on .

Class recording

Unable to make it to a class, we have covered you, we will upload the class recording to our LMS website and you will have exclusive access to it for the next 3 months. You can access your content from your laptop or your mobile/tablet.

Workshop Details

Course contents

1. What is DevOps and why we need DevOps?
2. Understand the concept and principles behind DevOps
3. History of DevOps
4. In-depth understanding of DevOps practices
5. Deep understanding of organisational benefits
6. Familiarisation with DevOps tool chain
7. Architecting a DevOps pipeline
8. Learn the future of DevOps
9. Overview in the Cloud DevOps

The DevOps For Managers Workshop is a holistic, comprehensive program that covers DevOps concepts in detail. This program spans for 6 weeks which includes 4 weeks of live workshops and 2 weeks of case study. We use a technique called the “Task-based learning”. In this approach, the practitioner learns with hands-on,real-life scenarios. This unique style enables the practitioner to be more competent and highly productive from day 1. In order to ensure high quality, we only intake a maximum of 20 students per batch.

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Workshop Schedule & Prerequisite

# Session Date Live Workshop (IST)
1 07.Nov 7~10am
2 08.Nov 7~10am
3 21.Nov 7~10am
4 22.Nov 7~10am
5 28.Nov 7~10am
6 29.Nov 7~10am
7 05.Dec 7~10am
8 06.Dec 7~10am
6.Dec ~ 20.Dec - Casestudy


  1. Atleast 5 years of work experience in the IT industry.
  2. Beginner level knowledge of Agile and Lean principles.


QuadraLogics Advantage

Quadralogics is a boutique training firm that specializes in DevOps training and consulting. Since our inception in 2014, QuadraLogics has facilitated more than 70+ corporate and public workshops enabling more than 2000+ practitioners. We are trusted partners with global brands like Pluralsight, Udacity, Coursera etc and enable them in designing/delivering technical content and training. Quadralogics today is one of the most trusted training/content producers and a premium player in the B2B DevOps market. Building on our experience, our industry experts have carefully handcrafted the workshop "DevOps Master Architect". We use a technique called the “Task-based learning”. In this approach, the practitioner learns by exploring 200+ hands on,real-life scenarios. This unique style enables the practitioner to be more competent and highly productive after the workshop.

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About your trainer

Anju M Dominic

Founder | Speaker | Author

Anju M Dominic is a well accredited professional corporate trainer and consultant in the field of DevOps . She has conducted over 70+ hands-on workshops across different product and service companies. She is also a trainer/author across various training companies including PluralSight, Edureka, KnowledgeHut, etc. She is currently the Principal consultant and founder of QuadraLogics, a boutique training/consulting firm. Anju is well known for her contributions to technical articles which includes two books and several whitepapers in the field of software engineering. She is also a regular speaker for many DevOps and Agile conferences

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