Infrastructure as Code
using Ansible

Learn from the comfort of your home

12 hours of the instructor-led, live , hands-on workshop


Key Features

12 hours of learning

12 hours of the instructor-led, live online hands-on workshop. In-depth coverage of Basic to Advanced topics, ideal for beginners and experienced.

Doubt clearance session

3 hours of dedicated Doubt clearance session included.

Certification Included

Participants who successfully complete the workshop would be awarded a digital and verifiable certificate hosted on

Class recording

Unable to make it to a class, we have covered you, we will upload the class recording to our LMS website and you will have exclusive access to it for the next 6 months.

Workshop Details

Detailed Table of contents

1 Infrastructure as a code
2 Installation and setup of Ansible
3 Agentless Ansible Architecture
4 Introduction to Ansible Modules and Inventories
5 Ad-hoc commands in Ansible
6 Overview on YAML language
7 Playbooks
8 Handlers
9 Fact Collection
10 Plugins
11 First Ansible playbook
12 Variables in Ansible
13 Playbooks with Ansible Roles
14 Static inventory file
15 Multiple inventory files
16 Dynamic inventory file
17 Storing sensitive data in Ansible
18 Running strategies
19 Scaling Ansible using SSH multiplexing
20 Custom Ansible modules
21 Debugging Ansible Playbooks
22 Ansible Tower Fundamentals
23 Best practices with Ansible

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Workshop Schedule & Prerequisite

# Session Date Time (IST) Description
1 25.Sep 8~11pm Fundamentals of Ansible
2 26.Sep 8~11pm Intermediate concepts of Ansible
3 27.Sep 8~11pm Advanced topics on Ansible
4 28.Sep 8~11pm Dedicated doubt clearance session


  1. Knowledge of Basic Linux systems commands
  2. No prior Developing/scripting skill is need by the Trainee must have to will to learn and code along with with the trainer
  3. An SSH terminal to access VM’s in the cloud
  4. The trainee would be asked to create their VM in their desired cloud provider hence an SSH terminal to access VM’s in the cloud is needed.


QuadraLogics Advantage

Quadralogics is a boutique training firm that specializes in DevOps training and consulting. Since our inception in 2014, QuadraLogics has facilitated more than 70+ corporate and public workshops enabling more than 2000+ practitioners. We are trusted partners with global brands like Pluralsight, Udacity, KnowledgeHut, etc and enable them in designing/delivering technical content and training. Quadralogics today is one of the most trusted training/content producers and a premium player in the B2B DevOps market.Hence enrolling your self with our programs entitles you to avail the program at a wholesale price. Building on our experience our industry experts have carefully handcrafted the workshop "Mastering Infrastructure as Code using Ansible", we use a technique called the “Task-based learning”. In this approach, the practitioner learns by exploring 30+ hands on,real-life scenarios. This unique style enables the practitioner to be more competent and highly productive after the workshop.

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About your trainer

Anju M Dominic

Founder | Speaker | Author

Anju M Dominic is a well accredited professional corporate trainer and consultant in the field of DevOps . She has conducted over 70+ hands-on workshops across different product and service companies. She is also a trainer/author across various training companies including PluralSight, Edureka, KnowledgeHut, etc. She is currently the Principal consultant and founder of QuadraLogics, a boutique training/consulting firm. Anju is well known for her contributions to technical articles which includes two books and several whitepapers in the field of software engineering. She is also a regular speaker for many DevOps and Agile conferences

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